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It all started when…

I bought my first my first basic dslr camera 8yrs ago. At the time it was just about wanting to take more photos of my family, but then the more I picked the camera up and used it, the more I wanted to learn. For the first several months to a year it was sitting at home watching online courses, endless YouTube videos, reading book after book learning all the ins and outs of the craft. In the beginning I was intrigued with macro photography and loved being track side at motor sports events (yes both completely different genres and ways of shooting!) These genres taught me much about the camera and then becoming more confident with it I enrolled and completed a diploma in photography. Much of it really in the end was about practice, practice, practice and shooting pretty much everything and anything I had the opportunity to shoot.

I began doing Real Estate photography for a local agent and in 2012 took the plunge into the wedding scene working as a 2nd shooter (not really thinking it would be something I could ever take on myself!) BUT after two weddings seasons (and loving it!!) I decided to take the wedding photography scene on myself. My first official wedding booking was a friends in November 2013 and to this day their images I still love!

Also at this time I had a love of family & newborn photography learning the craft at seminars and one on one workshops with several leading photographers in the industry opening my own family/newborn studio in 2012, but with my wedding business beginning to boom (my greater passion!) and taking on another family business I closed my studio 5yrs later and here I am now fully absorbed doing what I absolutely love…… WEDDINGS!

What began as a source of play has taken over my weekends and, also, my dreams. Light is no longer just light. The symmetry and connection in a photo is everything! Like writing the same sentence 10 different ways, all weddings tell a different story, and that fascinates me. I’d love the opportunity to tell your story! xx